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In order to learn about the MOMAP Guidance Methodology and try our Mobility Pack – the toolbox:


By registering, you will gain access to all our research reports and the theoretical background behind this methodology, and you can download some of our tools.

However the information on the website itself is not enough to work with mobility participants.

To become a full member and have access to the whole guiding process you need to participate in one of our Trainer’s Training. At the 5-day training, you can learn about the methodology in practice. Find out when the next training is: HERE, or ask one of our partners about the possibilities directly.

With full access, you will have the right to invite minimum 30 participants to take the MOMAP survey and see their statistical results on the MOMAP Admin Surface. You will get the MOMAP Handbook that help to analyse the survey results and give you detailed explanations about the whole methodology and guiding process. You will be able to read and download all of our tools from the Mobility Pack and get the user guide for the admin surface.

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The password and username you create is going to be extended, to be useble at both the Limesurvey client and in our WordPress site too.


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