Artemisszió Foundation


The Artemisszió Foundation has been operating since 1998 as a non-profit organization of public interest in Hungary, Budapest. Artemisszio is a private non-profit organization. We function as an adult education provider.

We have several accredited trainings for teachers and social workers. Besides the professionals of the social sector our main target group consists of migrants and marginalized young people. For the first group we offer a complex integration program, composed of competence assessment (leading to a personalized development plan), a mentor system, an intercultural training, Hungarian language classes and social programs. For the second we propose international mobility programs, which we consider as a tool for empowerment and intercultural learning. The mobility programs coordinated for socially disadvantaged groups are always coupled with a very intensive accompaniment.

The goals of the Artemisszió Foundation are:

 – to encourage continuous dialogue and interaction between culturally, ethnically and socially diverse groups and to foster their mutual understanding,

– to build bridges between cultures and to help people cross borders, in the literal, as well as in a figurative sense,

– to develop competencies that strengthen relations among people (communication and conflict-resolution skills, tolerance, mutual understanding, cooperation etc.)

– to support the social integration of socially and culturally disadvantaged groups (Roma, unemployed, immigrants etc.)

– to develop and disseminate intercultural training courses, educational materials and methods,

– to strengthen scientific and cultural relations internationally.

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Elan Interculturel

Elan Interculturel is an independent association created by a group of psychologists and researchers interested in exploring diversity and making it a source of advantage.

The main objectives of Elan Interculturel  are:
■ To create a better understanding of how diversity affects our life
■ To raise awareness of the resources inherent in diversity
■ To develop methods, tools, approaches that help individuals or organisations have a better experience of cultural diversity or cross-cultural transitions

To reach our objectives we do trainings for professionals working in intercultural situations or individuals living cross-cultural transition or in cultural contact zones. We participate in collaborations and pilot projects to develop new methods and tools. Finally, we undertake research in intercultural and social psychology aiming at a better understanding of intercultural dynamics.

Since its creation Elan Interculturel provided intercultural trainings to approximately 200 professionals, organised an international seminar on diversity and creativity, participated in three Grundtvig Learning Partnerships and two multilateral partnerships on the theme of intercultural dialogue and adaptation.

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Sans Frontiers Europe

Sans Frontiers Europe is independent private organization which is directly involved in EU Funding Opportunities including but not limited to Life Long Learning, Culture, Heritage, Tourism and Social Issues.

Sans Frontiers Europe was founded in February 2007 as a limited liability company though its members already worked together prior to that date under a partnership agreement as a team and in fact have been participating in EU funded projects since 2002. Sans Frontiers Europe provides specialized training courses geared towards bridging the gap between Europe and its citizens.

Through our training programmes, we support different organizations, public, and private, and others to promote equal opportunities, good race relations and to eliminate unlawful discrimination on the basis of race, ethnicity, nationality, colour, disability, age, gender, sexuality, religion or age. We believe that learning is not something that happens in a vacuum, but rather it is something that picks up on the prior knowledge and experience that women and men bring with them when they take part in our training programmes. We promote equality of opportunities, awareness building, training and research in the educational, social and cultural fields in Malta, Europe and the Mediterranean.

One of the main functions of the Sans Frontiers Europe is to promote guidance and training assistance to people coming from all walks of life – including refugees and asylum seekers. We offer different types of programmes for refugees and asylum seekers, to help them meet their basic educational and training needs to enhance their educational and employment opportunities. We also promote hands-on instruction and personal coaching to different groups – from children to old people, from professionals to the unemployed to enhance the intellectual, cultural, and economic vitality of our diverse community, in their quest for lifelong learning and success in an ever-changing world. We also believe that networking is a critical component for success. Thus, we are constantly enhancing networking opportunities with the aim to bring together people who are involved in the voluntary sector in order to (a) enhance continued professional and organizational learning and development; and (b) encourage and support collaborative practice across the EU community.

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Momentum Arts

Momentum Arts, established in 1993, develops creative arts initiatives that engage, empower and connect people and communities.

We aspire to be a catalyst for social change using the visual arts which often sees us engaging with people on the margins of society, both internationally and in the UK. Our work engages with international perspectives and the vital role the arts play in increasing intercultural dialogue and cultural learning.
Our growing international network and ongoing dissemination feeds into the development of universal models of good practice. As well as championing the rights and giving a voice to marginalised people, we aim to contribute to best practice development. With our European partners we will further research the value of the creative arts in increasing cultural understanding and social mobility.Our work is also about providing beneficiaries and peers with opportunities to engage with new perspectives. Much of this intercultural work is about individuals sharing experiences through the artistic process and overcoming cultural differences. The benefits of this are manifold; engagement in this intercultural work benefits both the individual and communities alike, by breaking down barriers and contributing to community and social cohesion.We also deliver projects, courses and workshops in the following areas: Creative Learning with Young PeopleTraining for Unemployed Adults (16+); Professional Development for Adult Educators and Artists and Global Citizenship and Intercultural Learning.

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