MOMAP Mobility Training 
MOMAP Trainer’s Training   

The training is for you if:

– you live or plan to live and stay abroad at least for 3 months,
– or you have engaged in studies beyond your parents’ level of education,
– you want to learn more about yourself in a new environment,
– you would like to understand more about cultural challenges.

During the training you will:

– Gain skills and strategies for coping with change and challenges
– Develop your intercultural knowledge and competences
– Become aware of how your emotions influence your daily life
– Find ways to increase your social network
– Learn about your own and other people’s cultures and understand how culture affect your life

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Training for professionals who support people through geographic or social mobility…

– Want to develop your knowledge and practice of helping people have better social and geographic mobility experiences?

– Want to learn new techniques, methods and tools for engaging people in mobility situations and be able to evaluate the process?

The training is aimed at professionals working in:

1. For-profit sector: coaches, counsellors working with expats, HR professionals, trainers working in multinational companies with a diverse team.

2. Higher education: Erasmus coordinators, mentors and counsellors of international students.

3. NGO sector: social workers, professionals working with migrants, international volunteers, disadvantaged youth, teachers and other staff working in talent and mentoring programs.

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